167 Raw Oyster Bar Catering

Elevate your events, with 167 Raw Oyster Bar’s catering options in Charleston. Indulge in our signature raw bar and favorite menu items for a memorable culinary journey at your home, or take 167 to your next picnic or boat party.

167 Raw Oyster Bar dishes

Off-site catering

Have 167 come to you. The menu offers many of our signature items, including 167’s raw bar. In addition to our staple cocktail fare items, we can also offer customized items + dinners.

Party bowls and tartare off-site catering from 167 Raw Oyster Bar
Lobster rolls for large takeout order from 167 Raw Oyster Bar

Large Order Takeout

167 Raw Oyster Bar can also provide large pickup orders, either from our restaurant or catering menus. You can add items from our Sushi Bar as well.